Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Prayer List

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Prayer List Printabls I’m so excited to finally have this list put together and to share it! For years I’ve been keeping little scratch pieces of paper next to my bed or notes on my phone of things to pray for—there are always friends, family members, things going on in the world, in our family’s life, and all around us that I want to be praying for and without a list I inevitably miss many things that are important. I’ve slowly been adding ideas to this list as I feel the need to pray for specific things, and also in the words of our church’s leaders from General Conference. Specifically at this last General Conference they suggested praying for noticing opportunities to serve others and for the missionaries in our ward, by name each day. I loved those suggestions and added them to my list. I have mine laminated now and next to my bed so I can ponder on these things. It’s so exciting to feel like you can say prayers for these things that really matter to you, and (hopefully) not leave anything out.

Also I’d love to hear if there is anything I missed. Obviously this is just a start but for me it’s a great way to remember those things that are important to me. Click on the image above or here to be redirected to a printable PDF file of this. The printable has two smaller lists so they are easier to carry around.Laminated Prayer List


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