Friday, April 6, 2012

Brown Rice Salad

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When I make rice, I like to make extra to use in lunches and other recipes like enchiladas or salads. This is one of my favorite lunches: brown rice, spinach, avocado, tomato (or you could really use any veggies you have in the house). I like this with the rice chilled so the salad tastes fresh. On top I like a chipotle dressing or even salsa is good too. You should try it!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Caprese Pasta Salad

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The best way to have a pasta salad—barely any oil and lots of fresh ingredients! I make this one a lot.



- Short cut pasta

- Fresh mozzarella (at Costco you can find it fresh in small balls, perfect for the salad)

- Small vine tomatoes or cherry tomatoes

- Fresh basil

- Balsamic vinegar

- Olive oil to taste

I usually cook and chill the pasta, then add remaining ingredients, with a little salt and pepper at the end, to taste. Enjoy!IMG_3572IMG_3573

Activity Days: Easter Craft, Treat, Lesson

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I was recently called to be the activity days leader—quite possibly one of the best callings ever created. I get to teach lessons, do crafts, learn skills, and cook with the 8-11 year-old girls from church. IMG_3386
IMG_3438Last week was my first lesson. I wanted to have a lesson, craft, and treat. Details are below.
First I did the lesson. I followed the 12 Days of Easter lesson found here:
I had each girl grab an egg when she came in, look up the scripture, and read/explain it for everyone. Then I shared a couple stories and testimonies of prophets as well.
Next for our craft, the “He is Risen” print. I made mine beforehand so I could help the girls. I wanted to have a craft that focused on Christ, as opposed to lots of egg and bunny crafts I saw online. I thought it would be good to emphasize how Latter-day Saints focus on the Resurrection when they think of Easter, rather than the crucifixion. I hope this can be a celebratory thing for the girls. I made the prints beforehand and gave the girls options to choose from:
Once they chose a print it was time to paint the (Dollar store) frames in a color of their choice:IMG_3371IMG_3372
I had pre-made all these bunting banners for each girl:IMG_3373
Finished product! We had so much fun.IMG_3387
Then we frosted some sugar cookies. IMG_3436IMG_3431IMG_3441IMG_3438
Happy Easter!