Thursday, March 4, 2010

Home Updates

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In the past couple months I’ve found myself post-pregnancy nesting… I’m home so much more now that I notice all the little places or things to update. I love being at home everyday and running our “household.” It feels fulfilling in a weird way, though once I finish it all one day, I have to start over and do it again the next. Sigh.

Back to the house; here are some of our updates:

New pillows for our chairs and new clock (we’ve been looking for pillows for over a year; so glad to find some we like):P1040301

New kitchen table (our old one was an oak/painted black hand-me-down we got 4 years ago; we looked for a new one for about 6 months... though we liked our old one, it came time to have more than a 4-seater :):P1040346

My favorite part is the detailing on the legs:P1040347

Cube shelf in our bedroom (thank you IKEA; inexpensive and very functional):P1040345

We added the cute stuffed dog and “E” to the nursery just after Emerson was born:photo

And just recently framed some pictures for E’s room: P1040355

Now we just need to get some paint in our guest room. It has been neglected.