Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Easy Window Box Covering / Pelmet Box

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I love online tutorials because they allow me to do a project in a way that I like, while still having some guidance. Here’s my latest project for our downstairs bathroom.IMGP2526
This is the perfect way to dress up a window without any drapes. I also like that it looks a lot more clean and simple than drapes. (And who wants drapes in their bathroom??)IMGP2533
None of the online tutorials provided a great way to mount it, so my handy-man husband attached it to the valence cap of our white blinds——now there are no holes in the walls. We really like it, and for a 20 minute project with foam core you can’t go wrong.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tutorial: Recovering a Lamp Shade

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This is one of those projects that is really useful to spruce up a space. I purchased a lamp I loved… only problem was the stark white shade. I wanted the shade to go next to our office furniture, which is an off-white color. After assembling the lamp I realized the shade is custom fit to the base, so no other shade could fit. I had planned on buying a new shade, but that option was out.

So I found a couple tutorials online, merged some ideas together, and altered some of their suggestions to finish this project.

We love our lamp.IMGP2390_thumb1

Here’s how you do it: start with your shade, a fabric of choice—only about 1/2 yard depending on your shade size (I recommend a thicker d├ęcor fabric), fabric glue, fabric scissors, tape, and a pencil. Pretty simple so far, right?IMGP2377_thumb1

Lay your fabric out with your shade. Place the shade in the middle, then roll it to the right to trace it’s angle to one side, then roll back to the middle, then roll to the left to trace its angle for the other side. Trace both the top and bottom of the shade as you roll it. This will ensure the fabric follows the shade curve.IMGP2378

Next, add two inches to each side that you traced, and cut two inches away from this line. You’ll need to leave extra room on either side to fold. Then iron, iron, iron your fabric. Make sure all seams are out.

Then, take the fabric end and match it up to your shade’s seam. Before you glue it, hold it in place to make sure it is aligned to cover the shade evenly as it rolls around. Then run your fabric glue along the seam and secure the fabric end. If you have a thick fabric, you won’t have to worry about the glue showing through; if you have a thinner fabric, smear the glue with a paintbrush. IMGP2379

All other tutorials I read said to pull the shade around and tape it back at the original seam. I tried this and realized the shade wasn’t pulled nearly tight enough this way. I wanted it really really tight. So I began pulling the fabric as tight as I could, then gluing about every 6 inches around.

By the time I’d glued it all the way around, it was tight and easy for me to cut and fold the ends in without disturbing the body of the shade.IMGP2380

After it’s all glued, cut around each side, leaving about 1/2 inch of fabric to glue under. IMGP2384

Then fold the seam under all the way around to make sure it looks even.IMGP2385

And glue.IMGP2386

When you get to your final edge, glue it under so it follows the shade’s seam nicely.IMGP2387

That’s it! Very easy. Place your shade on and admire it.IMGP2397IMGP2399IMGP2395

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Onesie/Burp Rag Gift Set

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Using a plain onesie (I buy them a bit big, as the sizing is always too small, for Gerber anyway), measure and trace a shape or letter of your choice onto fabric. Cut it out and sew the edges back.


Center width-wise and place a bit high on the shirt (so if the babe is wearing pants it won’t be covered). Sew through the middle and double stich around the edges.


Pair with some matching burp rags for an easy but cute gift. For one friend I did this after the baby came so I could do an initial of her name on the onesie. Personalized baby stuff is the best!IMGP2375


We had a last minute shower last week so I didn’t have time to make a blanket, but this was pretty quick.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Fabric Sale


Love getting home fabrics for $3/yard! More to come on my projects with these.IMGP2334IMGP2332

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Holiday Gifts

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This year I made Mitch’s family’s amazing caramels for gifts. More to come soon on that recipe.IMGP2253

For my best friends I filled these mugs with the caramels:IMGP2231IMGP2225

And for our neighbors we bagged them up.IMGP2297

Happy, very very belated, holidays ;)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Whip up Something New

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My friend Elise recently set up a blog challenge called Whip up Something New for those of us who have lists, links, books, and stacks of recipes we want to try but haven’t had the time or energy to do so.

The challenge is to create a new recipe each month and blog about it. Mine for January was Ina Garten’s Coconut Cupcakes. I’d heard so many heavenly things about this recipe over the years I was almost scared to make it… for fear that I would eat all of them in one sitting. Luckily at showers I can bring them all (or most of them) to give away and just keep a couple for sampling.

IMGP2308IMGP2309IMGP2311And note that in the reviews some people omitted almond extract—I think that would be a mistake. It really makes the flavor rich. I actually added extra so it would taste like marzipan.