Saturday, April 5, 2014

General Conference Printables | April 2014


General Conference isn’t even over yet and already it’s been such a wonderful experience. Two weekends a year our church holds a general conference to address all our members and any visitors or investigators, worldwide. It takes place in Salt Lake City but is broadcast across the world. Every 6 months, year after year, my prayers and questions are answered, and often on the first day of general conference! I am so grateful for a gospel and faith that teaches us so much and allows us also so much personal opportunity to learn for ourselves through personal revelation.

Here are some printables from today’s sessions of conference. I love that these quotes are so applicable to all of us, not just Mormons ;) Click the image to access the downloadable PDF links.



  1. These are beautiful, Shan!!

    1. Thank you! Maybe if you have a girl I can design a floral print for the nursery (fingers crossed ;) but of course if you have a boy I will still love him to pieces!

  2. These are just gorgeous:) Thank you so much for sharing your talents xo