Monday, November 11, 2013

The Secret to Making Golden Pancakes

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How to Make Golden Pancakes My kids requested pancakes for dinner one night when Mitch was out of town last week so I obliged to keep them happy for the night and secretly I was happy to make such an easy dinner… I used a homemade dry mix that we keep in a canister in our cupboard. The recipe for the dry mix is from Martha Stewart and can be found here. I love it! The only change I make is adding 1 tsp. of ground cinnamon. We love cinnamon in our pancakes.

I love pancakes that are golden brown across the top, not only because they look nice but they hold the syrup much better. The syrup kind of rests on the golden brown top rather than soaking in and making the pancakes soggy.

A couple years ago I discovered the easy secret to getting that restaurant style golden-brown pancake—don’t use any cooking spray or oil or butter on the pan. Just use a nonstick pan and drop that batter right onto it. At first it does feel a little weird to be putting the batter onto an un-oiled surface but trust me with a nonstick pan you don’t need it! No more splotchy pancakes.

And to get the pancakes fluffy don’t flip them a lot. Pour the batter on, wait until it is nice and bubbly then flip once. Voila—perfect pancakes every time! We served with butter and maple syrup this time but if we have strawberries and whipped cream on hand that’s always delicious too.

How to Make Golden Pancakes  How to Make Golden Pancakes


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