Monday, May 30, 2011

Rainbow Cake

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Last week I finally made a rainbow cake for a friend’s shower… I’ve seen so many around and though they’re pretty easy, hadn’t done it yet.IMGP4341

The verdict? Looks awesome, tastes okay. If I used Ina’s white cake recipe, which I love, it would have been much better… but because I was on a time crunch I used cake mixes. So really, it was a colorful boxed cake ;)

The layers are so thin they cook really quickly. Here’s what I used:

- 2 white cake mixes

- Homemade lemon cream cheese frosting

- Wilton dying gels coloring

Separate the batter. Dye it. Bake two layers at a time for 15-18 minutes each.IMGP4329


Perfect for a party or shower.

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  1. Did you use 2 c. of Sprite instead of the eggs/oil/water? It makes the cake taste a lot better! (: I looks yummy. (: