Saturday, October 5, 2013

General Conference October 2013

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Doubt Your Doubts Two weekends a year our church holds a general conference to address all our members and any visitors or investigators, worldwide. It takes place in Salt Lake City but is broadcast across the world. It is so uplifting to hear words of encouragement, prayerful guidance, and stories of others. Here are a couple printables I threw together after feeling inspired from the first part of this conference today. If you’re curious at all about what we LDS people believe, just visit our website to watch or learn.
So many of the quotes we hear are helpful to everyone, not just those of our faith. Click the photos to access the downloadable PDF links.MercifulGold2


  1. these are adorable! Would you allow me to use your "doubt your doubts..." for our ward girls camp t-shirts? I think it would be perfect! If you're ok with that can you email me the file to give to the shirt printer? my email is Thank you so much for sharing your awesome talent!