Saturday, June 8, 2013

Kids Room in a Closet

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When we moved to Minnesota the only house we could find that we liked had 3 bedrooms. We thought we could easily just move when we had another baby, but that ends up being a lot more complicated than I’d thought especially when we have a great location, great landlords, a house that is really nice, and great neighbors. Even when we looked at the possibility nothing seemed to be right, even when we were pregnant with baby #3.
Cue discussions of how to successfully house and sleep 3 children ages 3 and under. We really love the idea of kids sharing rooms… when they are older! There’s no way our 3 year old and 21 month-old would be sleeping through the night sharing a bunk bed, so we got creative. With a newborn we just had to have our other kids sleeping well! Once we realized the closet had circulating air we went for it.
Here is the closet of our son’s room, made-over for our baby girl Genevieve. Kids Room in Closet
The toddler bed fit perfectly (purchased at Target, similar here). I used the quilt I’d made for her crib (see here), added a couple touches from her baby nursery like the scalloped banner (see tutorial here), paper lantern, and some art, and voila – a closet room! She loves her space! The kids love to play in it too.Kids Room in Closet 2
We added a G to the door, a “vous etes mon soleil” print, a stuffed elephant, and the scalloped banner. We think it’s pretty cute and very functional.Kids Room in Closet 4


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