Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Onesie/Burp Rag Gift Set

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Using a plain onesie (I buy them a bit big, as the sizing is always too small, for Gerber anyway), measure and trace a shape or letter of your choice onto fabric. Cut it out and sew the edges back.


Center width-wise and place a bit high on the shirt (so if the babe is wearing pants it won’t be covered). Sew through the middle and double stich around the edges.


Pair with some matching burp rags for an easy but cute gift. For one friend I did this after the baby came so I could do an initial of her name on the onesie. Personalized baby stuff is the best!IMGP2375


We had a last minute shower last week so I didn’t have time to make a blanket, but this was pretty quick.


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