Sunday, November 7, 2010

More Fabric Banners

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After making a girlish banner last summer for a friend’s bridal shower, I’d been wanting to make a more masculine one for Emerson’s birthday party, and other events.IMGP1947

The last banner was made of scalloped half-circles, but this one I made out of triangles, cut with pinking shears. IMGP1696

Make sure you make a triangle pattern in the size you’d like before you start cutting and sewing.IMGP1695Cut out pieces. I used 3 fabrics.


Arrange your cutouts in the order you like before you start sewing. I like it to be a little asymmetrical, so I mixed the patterns up a bit.IMGP1698


Sew triangles together, sides lined up. IMGP1706

Sew triangles to bias tape.IMGP1710

And it’s done! One of the quickest sewing projects around.IMGP1947

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  1. No way! Shannon, you have a crafty blog?! I LOVE IT!!!